Day: November 4, 2011

The Art of Fiction by Ayn Rand

The Art of Fiction – Ayn Rand

Intro What a timely month to write something about this book! Just to let you know, this month is that time of the year when wannabe and would be writers hack over their keyboards for the National Novel Writing Month. That’s NaNoWriMo for the acronym lovers. I was really intending to join this event. I even bought two books on fiction writing just so I could prepare for it, one of them being this one. But I held back for two reasons. First, there’s too much work, in and out of the office, that keeps my hands full. Second, my computer broke down, which also explains the lack of activity in this blog. But let’s not talk about that. Such rantings can be found all over the Internet and I am not supposed to write something about the miserable condition of my PC, which would only turn CPU and auxiliary fans when the power button is pressed. The Rhapsody This book is a transcript of the lectures that the notorious Ayn Rand held among selected …