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Gone With The Wind Diaries, II

Gone With The Wind - Margaret Mitchell

Gone With The Wind - Margaret Mitchell

Day 05: Chapters 10, 11, 12

Gerald O’Hara is supposed to take Scarlett back to Tara, but our Scarlett was able to blackmail him for losing a huge amount of money over a game of poker. Which proves that Scarlett is a cunning woman. Which further proves that she is not as stupid as we give her uhm, discredit for.

And what the F&H! Scarlett is reading Ashley’s letters to Melanie. Which is fine with me because it made me like Ashley so much more.

Which gives me a dilemma. I also like Rhett. The men have similar ideas regarding the war, which baffles our stupid Scarlett, for can a gentleman and a scoundrel share the same thoughts about the war?

And the war is superseding the gender roles and customs that aren’t as immutable as they should be. They are starting to go away with the wind. People are coping with the changes that the war is bringing. Which leads us to a question: should there always be a war to make changes?

Day 06: Chapters 13, 14, 15, 16

I am touched with that prostitute who gives money to Melanie so that she could help the Confederates in their battle against the Yankees. But I am not so sure if the money came from her, uhm, blood and sweat, or if it was plainly given by Rhett. Or it could be both.

And everyone is dying. The Tarleton twins, although not so adorable, are dead, along with other men that were once Scarlett’s beaux. It’s good to hear that Ashley is alive, who came home for Christmas.

And the tramp! Scarlett flirts with Ashley under Melanie’s nose. Which is brought hoity-toity feelings because Ashley returns a kiss, but breaks away as soon as he gets back his better judgment. Well, Melanie is pregnant now, so we could only imagine Scarlett’s indignation at that.

More on Rhett, I think he represents the common sense that the Southerners have greatly overlooked. He does invite trouble as much as he tells the way how things really are without twisting the details to fill any listener’s satisfaction.

Day 07: Chapters 17, 18

Part Three opens with more narrative regarding the war. Everyone is joining the army, old men (senior citizens, anyone?) and boys too young to leave school. Everyone is in panic. Everyone is leaving Atlanta, except for the hardcore fanatics, like the Meades and the Merriwethers. Scarlett wants to leave. She attempts to, but is held back.

By what? By her promise to Ashley that she will take care of the heavily pregnant Melanie. Of course, Melanie can’t leave Atlanta because of her condition, and Aunt Pittypat leaves the two girls for Macon.

It seems like the war is going to reach Atlanta anytime soon. All the retreating led to this. It’s pretty much like the retreating strategy in War and Peace, where Moscow was taken by the French army, which is pretty much like the Yankees in this novel.

Day 08: Chapters 19, 20, 21, 22

I have ambiguous feelings for Scarlett. I don’t like her petulant selfishness. I like her tenacity to stick with her words. I don’t like the motives behind her actions. I like how she can make things work for her.

And it’s hilarious how she reacted when Rhett proposed to her. To be his mistress. What an insult that would be during those times. I can only imagine Scarlett’s indignation.

With the arrival of the Yankees is also the arrival of Melanie’s baby, who almost did not make it thanks to the absence of medical attention. Could we consider Scarlett’s and Prissy’s presence anything close to medical help?

I think Scarlett is growing. This act of assisting a woman in giving birth is, for me, a sign of maturity. Despite her constant whining of wanting to go home, I see that she’s inching bit by bit towards maturity.

Note: Notes originally posted at GoodReads – The Filipino Group, with minor edits and a couple of translations. Still reading this with one of my bookish friends, Atty. Monique. Visit her blog at Bookish Little Me.


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