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Ulysses – James Joyce

Ulysses - James Joyce

Ulysses - James Joyce

Who bought it: My dearest Huhi! Lest you get it wrong, Huhi is an exclusive term of endearment that I share with one of my closest college friends, Joan Pili David!

What is it: It’s about an ordinary day in the city of Dublin. What is so critical about it? I read somewhere that it boasts of verbosity, obscenity, and allusions to Greek mythology. Should be fun, yes? And hard?

When: October 19, 2011

Where: http://www.BookDepository.com

Why: There is so much acclaim in this novel. It is Modern Library’s top novel in its list. Time Magazine even bothered to make a disclaimer on why it isn’t included in their list of 100 books. You don’t know why? Time Magazine’s list is only inclusive of novels that were published since the magazine was born. Ulysses is a year earlier, I think. Which isn’t so bad because that makes it the 101st book, right?

How much: It’s an early Christmas gift, so I’d rather not put the price. But yes, the receipt is included in the package.



    • Yes, but not soon. I have included it in my 2012 reading list, which I am perpetually revising, hahaha. I might read this with one of my bookish friends. He even thought of buying me a copy of this book just so that we could read it together. Wish us luck? Or you can join the, uhm, fun! :D


    • Hahaha…you know, I might just take you up on your offer. I’ve always wanted to read it….keep me updated on the “event” and maybe, if I feel inspired or daring enough I will join you and your friend(s).


    • Sure, but you might need to log in to your Goodreads account to catch up on the “in depth” Ulysses talks (that’s where we conduct our pair/group readings). Otherwise, we would have to update each other through our blogs. :)


    • I just joined this group but I couldn’t find the discussion on Ulysses. Am I blind?? lol. I saw the currently reading and there were 5 books including the Trese series and I also opened the reading buddies discussion but didn’t see it…I just scanned through it so I may have missed it…..?


    • LOL, it’s because we haven’t started yet. I’m sorry to have made you go through all this. If you want to, we can schedule the reading on January? I’m trying to finish some books before the year ends.


    • Ah..don’t worry about it. I thought that you already had some preliminary discussions going on. But it’s ok, don’t hurry on my account. I’m not exactly jumping up and down with anticipation over James Joyce LOL. The community in goodreads is a good community though, I’m glad I joined. By the way, my username there is HN.


    • HN? I don’t think I’ve seen you there yet. My username is Angus. I gave up on anonymity years ago, LOL.

      I’m glad that you’re enjoying there. The people there tend to digress from the topics, but they are friendly. I’ve seen some of them in real life, talking about books and real life.


    • You can join the Christmas Party! Well, meet ups are very informal. For major meet ups, major meaning there are more than 10 (arbitrary) participants, they are usually held at a restaurant so that people can eat and talk, mostly about books but not exclusively about them. Then some generous people give away their books, LOL. Then after eating, people go to the book stores!

      Meet ups are not formally structured but the organizers do try to be organized. Everyone is welcome! :D


    • Well, I don’t now about X-mas parties…..lol. I’m not that social in real life :P Have you guys ever organized an informal bookswap where members can get together and bring their books to swap with other people? Just an idea…at least no one goes home empty handed….could be fun?


    • There are always book swaps and book give aways! During meet ups, I am always burdened by the weight of my backpack. I am not sure though if there will be charitable guys who will be disposing their books on the Christmas party.

      There are self-proclaimed anti-social guys who join the meet ups. No need to be social. I am not a social person myself, hahaha. But I tend to rant a lot, which is mistaken for uhm, friendliness?


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