Day: October 24, 2011

Ulysses – James Joyce

Who bought it: My dearest Huhi! Lest you get it wrong, Huhi is an exclusive term of endearment that I share with one of my closest college friends, Joan Pili David! What is it: It’s about an ordinary day in the city of Dublin. What is so critical about it? I read somewhere that it boasts of verbosity, obscenity, and allusions to Greek mythology. Should be fun, yes? And hard? When: October 19, 2011 Where: Why: There is so much acclaim in this novel. It is Modern Library’s top novel in its list. Time Magazine even bothered to make a disclaimer on why it isn’t included in their list of 100 books. You don’t know why? Time Magazine’s list is only inclusive of novels that were published since the magazine was born. Ulysses is a year earlier, I think. Which isn’t so bad because that makes it the 101st book, right? How much: It’s an early Christmas gift, so I’d rather not put the price. But yes, the receipt is included in the package.