Day: October 16, 2011

As I Lay Dying – William Faulkner

Who bought it: Me. What is it: A family crosses the state of Mississippi to bury the mother. I’ve scanned the book and saw that the chapters are presented in the point of view of the family members. I don’t know whether Faulkner originated this or not, but it looks really interesting to me. When: October 8, 2011 Where: Book Sale – Farmers Plaza Why: I was reluctant to buy this one because I think I have a copy left at Baguio City. I did not have my list with me at that time. Yes, I have a list of books to buy. So I contacted my friend to check if I do have a copy of it. It took her forever to reply. So I bought it. The next day, my friend replied. She said yes. Oh well. How much: Php 115.00 Advertisements