Day: October 7, 2011

Death at Intervals by José Saramago

Death at Intervals – José Saramago

Intro I still recall that day when the newfangled, recently opened, and biggest book store in my hometown started shelving Jose Saramago’s books. There was Seeing, The Double, The Gospel According to Jesus Christ, and this book, Death at Intervals. Or Death with Interruptions, which I think is the more popular edition. I didn’t realize that my fawning of the covers of these Vintage editions would lead me to my fascination of Saramago’s works and my ultimate adoration and respect for him as one would have for a loving grandfather. Being a college student during that time, I couldn’t afford to buy all those four books. Not that I could afford them now any moment. Besides, I still have yet to find out whether I’d like Saramago’s works or not. To answer this one, I have to read one. I picked this one for a test drive, mainly because it’s the most expensive among the four. The price of a book does not always justify the satisfaction that a reader can get from it, so …