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ReaderCon Filipino Friday: Week 5

Filipino Friday

Filipino Friday

Filipino Friday is almost over. It’s actually over since it already is Monday. And it’s not really over because it will be returned to Filipino Book Bloggers, the original blog where it came from. And if you’ve only been visiting this blog because of my responses to the weekly meme, thanks for reading them. And thanks for posting your comments. And before we break out into a tear-jerker, please, please, if you have the time, please drop by Filipino Readers Make It Social: The 1st Filipino Reader Conference. That’s on Wednesday already.

Now, for the final week’s topic

What do you hope will happen in the Filipino ReaderCon? What are you expecting from the event?

I can only hope for good things to happen. I hope the event starts on time. I hope there would not be logistics-related problems. I hope to meet new people, particularly the bloggers who also participated in the book meme. I hope to go book hunting with my bookish friends. I hope to learn something about book blogging and book clubbing, not that I want to be a professional book blogger nor be a book club head. I am happy enough blogging on my own and being a member of a book club. And I hope the event will be a success. Many returns for it!

And oh, I guess I have to say that I might not be able to make it on Wednesday. What?! After all these weeks? Don’t shout at me, okay? This is work-related. My leave request was not granted because of the amount of work that I am expected to do. But yes, I might catch up. I can make it around 5 PM, which sucks because the event is almost over by then. Oh well.

Thanks again! It has been a pleasure.

Filipino Readers Make It Social: The 1st Filipino Reader Conference

Filipino Readers Make It Social: The 1st Filipino Reader Conference



  1. Ah, if only it was easy to drop work to do book-related things, right? But alas, work pays for our books. :D I hope to still see you on Wednesday, Angus, even if you’ll get there late! Knowing these book people, everyone’s bound to stay at the book fair after. :P


    • I know! I so hate it when work gets in the way. Like it has not had enough of me yet. The others will be there. I’m sure there’ll be dinner after the event. I’ll see you then! :)


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