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Life Of Pi – Yann Martel

Life Of Pi - Yann Martel

Life Of Pi - Yann Martel

Who bought it: Aldrin of GR-TFG.

What is it: It’s about Pi, son of a zookeeper, who is trapped with a tiger on a lifeboat. To eat or not to eat? Hmm.

When: July 23, 2011

Where: GoodReads – The Filipino Group 5th Meet Up, Congo Grille, El Pueblo.

Why: A Booker winner. And the trade paperback is just irresistible. This is also the prize that I took from a pile of books when our group won the literary pop quiz.

How much: Free!



  1. People told me I would love this book. People who know what kind of books I like. I didn’t. It wasn’t boring. I did like the begining (when we get to know Pi), and felt satisfied at the (second) ending. I think I’m the only one!


    • Perhaps it takes longer than usual to appreciate this book. Have you read Byatt’s Possession? I feel the same way for it as you do for Life of Pi.


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