Day: July 22, 2011

The Hours by Michael Cunningham

The Hours – Michael Cunningham

Intro My original copy of this book was bought by my cousin at a book store in Tokyo. I immediately read it as soon as I got it. But a few years later, termites destroyed it. Maybe those pests are into Japanese cuisine? Anyway, ever since this book started to appear in secondhand book stores, I developed this urge to buy each copy. I bought a number and gave them all to my friends. And they wouldn’t disappear from those book stores. I had the sense to control my urge. I don’t know, but I really like this book. It’s a short, smart, and sensible book. Always the love, always the years, always the hours. Bam! I think I am quoting from the movie, but what the hey, it’s one of my favorites. The Rhapsody We have three women to worry about: Mrs. Woolf, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Dalloway. The writer, the reader, and the character, respectively. The distant past, the not so distant past, and the present. And yes, we are talking about Virginia …