Day: July 8, 2011

Beloved by Toni Morrison

Beloved – Toni Morrison

Intro I don’t know if I will be able to write anything about this novel. For the past five days, I’ve been doing two full-time jobs. I am a trainee at the new one, a trainer at the old one. Anyway, what goes on in my personal life is none of your business. Let us proceed with the real business. It’s Friday today and I have to do my duties as the rhapsodizer. It’s Morrison’s turn. A Nobel laureate and a notable figure in the literary scene, a book lover has to read at least one of her novels. There are a lot of them, and most can be found on second-hand book stores. I chose to start with Beloved, mostly because it won the Pulitzer. It is supposedly her best work, and how did I find it? The Rhapsody Now that I think about it, the transition between my two jobs can be a little relevant. So what I remember about this book is Beloved. Well, Beloved is the name of woman. Wait, she is a ghost. …