Day: July 1, 2011

Empire Falls by Richard Russo

Empire Falls – Richard Russo

Intro Every Friday, I check the queue of books to be featured in this blog. And so I did it 30 minutes ago. Next one is Empire Falls. Richard Russo. Hmm. This book is around 500 pages, and I can’t recall a single thing! I started to panic so I decided to put some random music on to relax my nerves. Music is really relaxing because I now remember the daughter of the protagonist. Her name is Tick. Her real name is Christine, or Christina, or something like that. And her father is, uhm, Miles? Roby? The Rhapsody Miles Roby works at a burger shop. He doesn’t own it. He’s been there all his life. He seems to be smarter than your average burger man, but what happened to him in the past, that I cannot recall. As I mentioned, he has a daughter named Tick. She will soon be in college. She sticks up to his father despite the daily drones of their average life. Where is her mother? Oh, Miles and Tick’s mother are going through …