Day: June 17, 2011

How to Travel with a Salmon and Other Essays by Umberto Eco

How to Travel with a Salmon and Other Essays – Umberto Eco

Intro After I adored Sedaris and sort of got tired of him, I went over to Eco. He is also a humorous writer, but I think there is a vast distance between his talent and that of the other’s. It is hard to see his humor coming, so one may end up farting while laughing. Speaking of farting, this biological process is what drove me to try Eco. I was reading one of, ahem, Zafra’s collection of essays which was about Umberto Eco’s purple fart. I think it’s something like that. A letter sender of Zafra’s column, who seemed to be out of his wits, was claiming something about the importance of this fart. I don’t recall most of it because it was some super nerd gibberish and I didn’t even find it a tad funny although obviously, the purpose of that letter was to make the reader laugh. Still, the purple fart stuck to me. So when I chanced upon an Eco book, I bought it immediately. Unfortunately, there was no purple fart. There were other things though in the essays. The Rhapsody There are …