Day: June 3, 2011

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

Me Talk Pretty One Day – David Sedaris

Intro This is one of those books that I read out of recommendation. Would you bother knowing who recommended this to me? Again, it’s none other than the local writer Jessica Zafra. The woman really had me. I suspect that it’s not only me who was so into her because I have seen a lot of college articles back in my college heydays that sounded like her,¬†and worse, that were plagiarisms of her. I remember she accused Sedaris¬†of stealing her ideas for a book. COme think of it, it’s really preposterous. Anyway, he must be that stupendous, I thought, so I went to the book store with my meager college allowance to get me a copy of one of his books. And this is the one that I got. Yes, he is funny, he is weird, he is gay. He is like me. A lot like me. But really, is he? The Rhapsody I checked my rating of this book on my GR account, and I surprised myself for seeing those four stars. It means …