Day: May 31, 2011

A Visit From The Goon Squad – Jennifer Egan

Date Started: May 30, 2011. 3:30 AM. Almost everyone is raving about this. I’m not referring to people that I know in real life because sadly, I don’t have a lot of friends who read as heavily as I do. In fact, I only have one (the other one confessed that his teaching career hindered his reading). My other friends who do read are into books that I would classify as blah. And still, there are others who read books that I dig, but the last time that they have opened a book must have been months, or worse years, ago. Still, it’s a good thing that these friendsĀ get to read. Anyway, the expectations that I have for this book are quite met. It’s not an instant ka-boom, but it’s coming. Do I smell an IMPAC? That’s two more years from now. Advertisements