Day: May 13, 2011

2 star - it was ok

The Secret Sharer – Joseph Conrad

Intro I have a little problem about this. How do you classify this? Is this a short story or a novella? And how does one decide whether one is a short story or a novella? Is there a maximum word count? What elements should be present or absent? And I also have another problem. I don’t think there are novellas. One can only either be a short story or a novel. And if you really think about it, the length depends on who is reading. Factors like reading speed, interest level, and other subjective matters play a part in this classification. If you ask me, I think Tropic of Cancer is just as long as War and Peace. So I will lay it all down with this: The Secret Sharer is a short story. I read this right after Heart of Darkness. It’s a back to back edition. Maybe the publishers aren’t too sure either on what to do with this but needed to have it published because of its substance. And yes, I know I talked too much …