Day: May 6, 2011

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad

Intro There are some books that I enjoyed reading but for the heart of me could not really remember. I would claim to have read them but only the vaguest things about them run through me. Coincidentally, some of these books are from the same writer. More so, these books are short works that are either long short stories or short novels. And they say that brevity is a virtue. I am not questioning Joseph Conrad. He is worthy of being called one of the greatest writers of his time. Although he didn’t have a chance to win the Nobel for not being able to fit in the vision of the institution, he still has something important to say. So what was it that he was trying to say in one of his works? The Rhapsody I admit, I am quite reluctant to write something about this work. But since I have to follow the schedule, I will try my best to whack my brains out and figure things out. I must be aging fast. My memory is waning. …