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The Food of the Gods – H. G. Wells

The Food Of The Gods - H. G. Wells

The Food Of The Gods - H. G. Wells


I really don’t know what came to me. Maybe it was the series of heavy books that I read in a row. Orwell? Golding? All those -topia books. Anything that had to do with the society.

And Wells. It is indeed a good follow-up for such books like 1984 and Lord of the Flies. But this book is not one of his more popular ones. I think it is underrated. I think it is not as well-read as his other books. Well, what are his other books?

Oh, The War of the Worlds. I haven’t read that one yet. And I digress. So yes, what do I remember about The Food of the Gods?

The Rhapsody

Tada! I don’t remember much. Are you not surprised?

Seriously, I remember a feeling akin to displacement. But let’s go to the key events first. Some scientists achieved a breakthrough by creating a formula that would speed up the growth of a human being. I am not sure if it was a formula or if it was a food or if it was a formula that you can inject to your food or mix with milk, water, beer if you please, ad infinitum. From this point, I’ll refer to it as The Food.

So it was tested on babies. Yes, they grew to heights where they could be NBA all stars at the age of three. Or even less. And they didn’t stop growing. They became freakishly big. I wonder what happens when they fart or piss. Worse, take a dump. But that’s beside the point. I am not sure if they had an overdose of The Food or if they were continually fed with it. But this is what I am sure of. The smaller people were threatened.

The sheer size of these giants were enough for them to put power in their big hands. The smaller people drove them away, secluding them from their society. The giants were left to themselves, feeling desolate and consoling themselves with the other giants. You see, the strange thing is that these giants did not even take advantage of their huge masses to crush the smaller people. Gentle giants come into mind when I think of the conversations of these giants about their destinies and their place in the society.

How big were they anyway? They were big enough to step over a car. That’s what I imagine. Did the government provide them anything for their survival? I don’t really know. Heck, I don’t even remember a single character.

Perhaps that is a point. There is no focus on characters. The narrative just shows you what it’s like to have a giant sleeping on your garden, destroying the cabbage patch and all the rose bushes and all that. And the gall of the smaller people! They would always demand for an apology and shoo these giants away.

And they never flicked these smaller people. They could have picked them up one by one and broke their necks like pesky insects. And they didn’t. They knew better than that. And I think they left to build their own community. And that just broke my heart. So big yet so powerless.

We often relate power with something big. In this case, the amount of body mass. And ironically, it is inversely proportional in this science fiction. It is way too much that people got scared. They ganged up on the giants. What can they do? They may be big but they don’t fit in. That is both literal and metaphysical. And what does one do when one cannot fit in? Try. Or Die.

3 star - liked itFinal Notes

I am now looking at my office mate’s desk. There’s a bottle of iced tea and a bar of pastry. The label says Food of the Gods. He offered me one yesterday. He said that it’s really good. I declined his offer.

My office mate is huge. I think he weighs around 250 pounds. And he is nice. He is quiet, a little shy, doesn’t really talk and complain. Unlike me. I rant a lot and I’m not even half of his weight.

So what’s the point? I don’t think I have one. I am just saying. And I have an urge to eat his Food of the Gods.


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