Month: April 2011

The Food of the Gods – H. G. Wells

Intro I really don’t know what came to me. Maybe it was the series of heavy books that I read in a row. Orwell? Golding? All those -topia books. Anything that had to do with the society. And Wells. It is indeed a good follow-up for such books like 1984 and Lord of the Flies. But this book is not one of his more popular ones. I think it is underrated. I think it is not as well-read as his other books. Well, what are his other books? Oh, The War of the Worlds. I haven’t read that one yet. And I digress. So yes, what do I remember about The Food of the Gods? The Rhapsody Tada! I don’t remember much. Are you not surprised? Seriously, I remember a feeling akin to displacement. But let’s go to the key events first. Some scientists achieved a breakthrough by creating a formula that would speed up the growth of a human being. I am not sure if it was a formula or if it was a food or if it was …

Number9Dream – David Mitchell

Who bought it: Me. What is it: It’s about this Japanese boy who is looking for his father. Okay, now I’m not so sure. I really didn’t read the blurb. I just went to the fiction section, looked for Mitchell, saw the book, pulled it out of the shelf, and marched to the counter. When: April 25, 2011 Where: Fully Booked – SM Clark Why: I buy books to mark certain occasions or events. And for this one, it’s my birthday. Hurrah! I was thinking of The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, but the only copy available is hardbound. And I don’t like them, hardbounds. How much: Php 399.00

Tropic Of Cancer – Henry Miller

Date Started: April 21, 2011. Around midnight. This is already my third attempt at reading this novel. I hope I can finish it this time despite my wonderful reading of Cloud Atlas. Anyway, to entertain myself and to keep my going, I decided to count the number of times the author has used the word “cunt”.

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Lord of the Flies – William Golding

Intro This is the book that me and my friend call “The Book That Cannot Be Named.” It is currently in my Top Ten Books of All Time, although it is now standing on shaky grounds because my current read is impressing me big time. Anyway, why is it that we gave it that name? A better book title? No. It’s for the simple reason that my friend hates it to the bone. He can’t believe that I love this book. He thinks it’s an utter waste of time, lacking any literary aspiration at all. He even wonders what is wrong with the Nobel for making the author a laureate. So we always fight about the merits and demerits of the book. And we fight with such ardor. Thus, it is indeed the book that cannot be named lest our friendship goes kaput. The Rhapsody I always tell my friend that the beauty of this book lies in the inspection of the society through a group of marooned boys. He would say that yes, yes, …

Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell

Date Started: April 21, 2010. 2:30 AM. I know I already seem like a rabid fan, posting this book under three different categories, namely Wish List, Book Shelf, and Currently Reading. So it can be assumed that I have high expectations, and I am glad to announce that these expectations were rightly met. And after just one chapter, I am thinking of buying all his books. Hopefully, I could find one over the weekend.

The Reader – Bernhard Schlink

Who bought it: A GR-Filipinos member. I think she’s the one I was able to persuade in reading War And Peace. What is it: All I know is that the movie adaptation has Kate Winslet in it. I also think she won an Oscar for her performance in this one. When: April 10, 2011 Where: Racks – El Pueblo, Pasig City Why: Nobody seemed to want it. It’s as simple as that. How much: Free. I sort of booknapped it.

Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell

Who bought it: Me! What is it: It’s a novel with six interlocking narratives. Interesting enough for me to post it here as a wish list. It’s now a wish come true! When: April 16, 2011 Where: National Book Store – SM Megamall Why: Again, I’m joining a reading group for this book. I was actually forced to buy it because the start date was set earlier than expected. I went to Power Books and inquired. All their branches are out of of stock. The horror! Good thing National Book Store has one copy left. That branch now needs to restock. How much: Php 271.25. A 20% discount was applied. I love it!