Day: March 25, 2011

Candide by Voltaire

Candide – Voltaire

Intro I was never really interested in this book. I know it’s a popular satire, but the only reason that I got my hands on this is the constant egging of a past flame. He loves this book so much; it was all that he could rant about every time our conversations steered towards literature. So when I made my weekly second-hand book store tour, I made a mental note to buy me a copy as long as it was cheaper than most books. And voilĂ ! I had myself a copy. Seeing that it had only a few pages, I went ahead to read it. Did I like it as much as my previous flame did? Did I share his sentiments about the book? The Rhapsody I didn’t. I liked it while I was reading it, but that’s it. I couldn’t even remember what it was really about. All I know is that Candide was always in some sort of adventure, meeting various people who were always more, and extremely, unfortunate than him. I mentioned …