Month: March 2011

Quarterly Rhapsody: Blogging About Books

Why do I blog about books? The foremost reason is I love books more than anything else. I was not a big reader until I reached my college years. My high school years were spent trying to fit in with groups that I am no longer interested in. I tried doing that over and over until I realized that it is not really worth it. Why should I change the way I am for the sake of acceptance? I am happy enough being myself, and although I am always alone, I am nevertheless bothered by it. So I turned into writing. I used to, and still, pour out all my anxieties on notebook after notebook. Then I was introduced to the world of blogging. I found it very convenient so I abandoned my notebooks once I got hooked to blogs. I really got into writing; blogs allowed me to have a voice to an unknown audience. Writing has always been a frustration for me, and the rejection that I experienced with my high school writings didn’t stop me. That, on the …

War And Peace Diaries, VI

Day 21: 1075 – 1129 After the death of Prince Andrei, Princess Marya and Natasha develop a meaningful friendship. The animosity that they harbored against each other no longer exists. They support each other in times of loneliness, although they hardly ever talk about Prince Andrei. Their friendship is one that is not only about keeping each other company, but it is the intertwining of two souls in platonic love. Going back to the business of war, the Russians believe that they have trounced the Frenchmen, what with their retreat to Smolensk, the town where they started out to march against Moscow. And since the French are dissolving and fleeing, the Russian heads decide to wage another war. Kutuzov, the general commander, the one held responsible for the loss of Moscow, is appointed again. However, he dies, maybe out of old age, or maybe out of exhaustion from all this war business. And it is only at this point that I realized he is a real historical figure. We have seen Pierre always on the go, but this …

War And Peace Diaries, V

Day 17: 878 – 935 It’s high time that I finally finish these diaries. It’s been too long. I have finished the book almost a month ago, so let me catch up. Moscow is a huge mess. In fact, Moscow is now abandoned. After Borodino, the Russian army retreated further. The only people left in the city are those from the lower classes who have nowhere to go to. They are even led to believe that they would all be protecting their city. But that isn’t going to happen, and they feel this sense of betrayal. They rush to the city administrator, Count Rastopchin, the very person who urged them on. Flustered, he looks for someone to blame. He remembers the prisoners who were tried for treason. He picks a certain Vereshchagin. At the count’s command, he is publicly beaten to a bloody pulp. The people sentenced him to death although he is only supposed to do hard labor. The voice of the people called for violence. Is this the voice of God? This is a really …

Candide by Voltaire

Candide – Voltaire

Intro I was never really interested in this book. I know it’s a popular satire, but the only reason that I got my hands on this is the constant egging of a past flame. He loves this book so much; it was all that he could rant about every time our conversations steered towards literature. So when I made my weekly second-hand book store tour, I made a mental note to buy me a copy as long as it was cheaper than most books. And voilà! I had myself a copy. Seeing that it had only a few pages, I went ahead to read it. Did I like it as much as my previous flame did? Did I share his sentiments about the book? The Rhapsody I didn’t. I liked it while I was reading it, but that’s it. I couldn’t even remember what it was really about. All I know is that Candide was always in some sort of adventure, meeting various people who were always more, and extremely, unfortunate than him. I mentioned …

Bee Season – Myla Goldberg

Who bought it: A cousin, but it was given by a different cousin because the owner cousin forgot that the book is in the care of the giver cousin. And I extorted the latter to give it to me. What is it: It’s about a Jewish family ties and traditions. It focuses on Eliza, a young girl who is very adept at spelling. When: March 20, 2011 Where: I don’t know. Maybe in Saudi Arabia? Why: I already read this book, but I want to have a copy of all the books that I have read. How much: Free!

Balthazar – Lawrence Durrell

Who bought it: Me. What is it: Again, I have no idea. But I do know that it is set in Alexandria, Egypt. When: March 19, 2011 Where: Book Sale – SM Mall of Asia Why: It is the last piece that I need to complete the Alexandria Quartet. And just check out the price! How much: Php 12.00

Saint Joan – George Bernard Shaw

Who bought it: Me. What is it: It is a play about Joan of Arc. Okay, that’s stupid. I don’t know what it’s about. When: March 19, 2011 Where: Book Sale – SM Mall of Asia Why: It’s supposed to be the best work of Shaw. I always thought it was Man and Superman, but based on my research, it is this one. How much: Php 30.00