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War And Peace – Leo Tolstoy

War And Peace - Leo Tolstoy

War And Peace - Leo Tolstoy

Date Started: February 9, 2011. Around 8 PM.

My experience with this novel so far is a disaster. I actually started reading last February 7. I was already at page 36, then it jumped to page 53. Then at page 68, it jumped back to page 21. Then again: 21-36, 53-68. Then it resumed somewhere a little over page 100, near the end of part I. I went to the bookstore where I bought it to have it replaced. They had trouble borrowing other copies from other branches, so they contacted their warehouse and told me to wait until Friday. The person who assisted me was courteous, but when she started hinting that I could replace it with another book, I couldn’t help snapping at her.

The bookstore informed me that night that they immediately found me a copy, and it is the Pevear-Volokhonsky translation. It supposed to be the best translation, so it’s a bit of a deal to me. So I went there this afternoon and scanned the parts that I was able to read. There, I found French dialogues that weren’t present in Constance Garnett’s translation, the translator of the defective copy that I originally had.

 I need to restart. I just finished the introduction, and already, I just had a portentous headache.


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