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War And Peace – Leo Tolstoy

War And Peace - Leo Tolstoy

War And Peace - Leo Tolstoy

Who bought it: Me. I destroyed my budget for this one.

What is it: It’s a long, long Russian novel. And seriously, I have no idea on what it is about, except that it’s one of the longest literary classics.

When: February 6, 2011. Replaced on February 9, 2011 due to missing chapters.

Where: National Book Store – SM Mall of Asia

Why: This is totally unplanned. I was supposed to read Gone With The Wind after finishing Possession. Why that one? Because it’s February, and isn’t that supposed to be a love story? But I found this local blog-based reading group that will cover War And Peace starting tomorrow. I changed plans. I went aboard.

In addition, the reading group members are encouraged to make a diary about the experience of reading this novel. And that gave me an idea. I will incorporate those diary posts in this blog. And I will continue to do that diary thing with every novel I will read that has at least 1,000 pages. Gone With The Wind should be up after this, that is, if I will have enough energy to read lengthy novels back to back.

How much: Php 485.00. Well, that was the defective copy. The replacement was Php 835.00. Yes, I added Php 350.00.


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