Day: February 5, 2011

Prize Stories 1999: The O. Henry Awards

Who bought it: Edralyn, whom I fondly call Edralini. She was my associate editor in the college paper, my natural successor in that journalism throne, and my good friend. What is it: It’s an anthology of short stories. I don’t know much about the O. Henry Awards, but the names Chabon, Cunningham, Lahiri, and Proulx were enough to keep me interested. When: February 4, 2011 Where: She said that she bought it at Book Sale. I didn’t bother asking which branch. Why: This is quite a surprise. I didn’t see it coming. She hinted that she was going to give me something, but I didn’t think that she was serious about it. I actually felt a little guilty about it because I forgot her birthday and here she comes giving me something for no particular reason. That’s what I love about giving. How much: Free! It’s a gift. Advertisements