Month: February 2011

Hunger – Knut Hamsun

Who bought it: Me. What is it: A struggling writer who desperately writes to various publications in order to fend off his own physical hunger. But the money he earns goes to bills and even charity. Not enough is left for food. He wants to write, but he can’t. Who could write with an empty stomach? When: February 20, 2011 Where: Book Sale – SM Clark Why: This should be a harrowing psychological tale. I already made up my mind to read this next. I can’t wait! How much: Php 115.00

Independence Day by Richard Ford

Independence Day – Richard Ford

Intro Back in my college freshman years, I brought my copy of this book to one of my classes. Our instructor arrived earlier than usual. We had a little chitchat, and he made a little comment on the book that was on my armchair. He said that the movie was great. I looked at him with utter confusion. Then he mentioned Will Smith. So he was talking about a different movie. I explained that they were different. The animation in his face flushed out. And my seatmate at that class, who became one of closest friends as far as books are concerned, turned out in the future, which is now, to have poignant feelings for this book. And why is that? The Rhapsody This novel is part of a series. I think it’s the second of the Bascombe Trilogy. I haven’t read the first installment because I had no idea of this series when I bought it. Frank Bascombe may be one of the most popular figures in contemporary literature, but I only have vague images of him. I imagine that he …

War And Peace Diaries, II

Day 5: 201 – 252 It is almost natural for Pierre to get all the attention after inheriting everything from his father. All of a sudden, every father from the high society wants to marry him to his daughter, Prince Vassily being one of them. Remember, he did not get anything from the late Count Bezukhov, but he manages to make Pierre his son-in-law at the price of her beautiful daughter. I’m annoyed at Pierre. He just accepts this as his predestination, that this should be it, and that he must be in love with this brazen beauty. And by the way, Anna Pavlona is suddenly in good terms with him. Then there is Princess Marya in the country. I could never imagine this girl because I could not picture her as someone ugly. I always get a vision of a doe-eyed woman, although this does not mean that all women with such eyes are beautiful. Anyway, she is supposed to marry Prince Vassily’s handsome son, Anatole, had she not found him and that Bourienne flirting. That whore! But it’s a good thing though. She …

Wandering Star – J. M. G. Le Clézio

Who bought it: Jonathan. I lost track of the number of books that he gave me. What is it: No idea. I didn’t bother knowing what it is about because I just bought two books when he gave me this. When: February 19, 2011 Where: Maybe Book Sale, but he gave it to me at Starbucks – High Bonifacio Street. Why: He said is giving up on Nobel winners. And he is still hoping for Cormac McCarthy to win that award soon. Ironic, isn’t it? How much: Free.

Atomised – Michel Houellebecq

Who bought it: Me. What is it: A novel about an asexual molecular biologist and a his lusty yet unreciprocated half-brother. When: February 19, 2011 Where: Fully Booked – Bonifacio High Street Why: The molecular biologist thing got me going. And I always feel like buying a book whenever I visit this Fully Booked branch. I remember buying my copies of Never Let Me Go and 2666 there. And oh, I was supposed to buy Anna Karenina instead of this since it is cheaper. But I am still reading War And Peace, so I decided to stick with Atomised. My copy is entitled as such, but they are supposed to be the same. How much: Php 450.00 (Image courtesy of

The Old Wives’ Tale – Arnold Bennett

Who bought it: Me. What is it: The cover says it’s a classic. That’s all I know of it. When: February 19, 2011 Where: That book store at the MRT Ayala Station. I will edit this once I get the name. Why: I am not really sure why I bought it. I just felt like I should buy something for overstaying at a second-hand book store while waiting for a superbly late friend. How much: Php 50.00

The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

The Good Earth – Pearl S. Buck

Intro Right after the 5th Pamiyabe Creative Writing Fellowship back in my college freshman days, I went to a book store and bought a copy of this novel. I was so inspired to read a classic then, and seeing that this was shelved in the classics section, I picked it up. I told this classic inspiration to our editor-in-chief and about this book shopping, and she was rather horrified at the thought of the book. She said she reached halfway through it, and with a surge of annoyance, ditched the book. She swore never to open the book again and wished me luck. What pushed her to such a conviction made me only more curious. I had to read it right away. The Rhapsody O-lan and Wang Lung are Chinese peasants. I can’t believe that I still remember the names, but yes, I barely remember the turn of events. Anyway, this is the story of a poor couple and how they rose above poverty. What happened upon reaching a taste of success must be the strong points …