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Just in case you want to find out a little something about me, here are ten random things.

01. I’m Angus, and yes, that’s my real name. I gave up anonymity long ago because strange people recognize me even at gay social networking sites. I am not named after a steak or a Celtic god, but the latter would have been wonderful. I was named after AC/DC’s Angus Young. And no, I don’t listen to them.

02. I’m on Facebook and Twitter but I don’t accept “friends” or “followers” from just anyone. I used to accept requests from acquaintances, classmates, and schoolmates, but I also gave that up. I’m also on Goodreads, the social networking site where I am found during my Internet dawdling time. That’s where I accept “friend” requests from random people.

03. I blog about books because I realized that I am not a celebrity and that blogging about myself would not do me good. Why would a random surfer want to find out the details of my so-called life unless he’s a retard? Not that my life is boring, but if my friends are all the readers that I can get, I’d rather go out with them and talk all day, all night.

04. Which means my old blog is Waned World 3. Which is practically dead.

05. I am currently a technical writer but that does not mean I am very good at writing. I know the job title can be a little intimidating, but really, there’s nothing much to it. I did aspire to be a creative writer though, and probably I still aspire to be one.

06. I share a condo unit with college friends in Mandaluyong City. Wondering why I am not with my family? I am originally from Angeles City. No, I don’t go home on a regular basis because I end up overspending when I’m with my family. And they won’t let me read.

07. Aside from books and blogging, I like movies that render me senseless because they require a lot of sensing. I like music that is baroque, depressing, poetic, or a backdrop to a beauty pageant or fashion show. I appreciate art that is rough and surreal. I don’t watch a lot of TV because I don’t have a TV.

08. I auditioned as a castaway for the first season of Survivor: Philippines because I used to be a huge fan of the US series. Fortunately, I was not accepted. I said fortunately because I might have skipped the last year of my college and I might have been a celebrity, which isn’t such a bad thing but I don’t think I’d enjoy that kind of attention. Anyway, I reached the VTR part of the audition where a panel of guys record a video of you while answering this question: why should we take you? And unfortunately, my VTR was inserted in a video montage of auditioneers during the season finale.

09. I also have a cameo appearance in the indie film Serbis, directed by Brillante Mendoza, where I volunteered as a production assistant. I didn’t realize years later that the end credits billed me as a gay patron.

10. And yes, I am gay, just in case you failed to realize that.

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14 Gravatars

25 thoughts on “The Blogger”

    1. He’s a nice person. He doesn’t talk much. Or he doesn’t talk to me that much. I didn’t get a chance to work with him at Angelite. I left when he came.

      I really thought Pamiyabe died at Pamiyabe 10. We were invited for a reunion of sorts, but the fellows that I wanted to see couldn’t make it.


  1. ☆ ♥●••´¯`•.☆.•´¯`•.☆.•´¯`•.☆ ♥●
    …( =';’=) ~Have a Delightful Day
    .(.\.. . . /.)


  2. I also want to be part of Survivor. Haha, but I gave up my dream of being part of the show because I can’t swim. :D

    Nice blog, Sir. I am a fan. I am doing my rounds (parang doctor lang) so I can get more book titles. :D


    1. Hello, Lourd. I almost jumped from my seat upon reading your name. I fancy that you’re Lourd De Veyra, hahaha! Thanks for dropping by.

      Oo nga pala, I also can’t swim. :D


  3. Funny, I do have a late professor who also made it in Serbis as a gay patron. When I learned about it I immediately re-watched Serbis and found his three seconds of fame in the scene at the moviehouse.


  4. Angus. Ownshelf is a new service for eBook readers to share their ebooks with friends across devices. We just launched our beta and opened up to public use and feedback. I would like to invite you to try it out. Blog about it if you like. And certainly send me any feedback.



  5. Wow Angus, those are interesting facts about you. I’m also not a celebrity so I chose to blog about books. ;-)

    You have been an inspiring blogger for me, and so I’m nominating you for THE VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD. Please feel free to check my post if you’d like to receive it:

    I hope you don’t mind as it is a sign of my appreciation. Thank you! :)


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